Konan-16用フード: Hoods for Konan-16 automat2012/10/03

 不要な反射をカットするためのフードについてご紹介します。Konan-16 Automatのレンズ前面に取り付けます。左の丸い穴が開いているものは、厚さ3mm、右の四角い穴のものは、厚さ5mmの黒色アクリル板を加工したものです。いずれも、穴には傾斜をつけてあります。左の板は、フィルターの代わりに挿入して使います。右の板は、薄い両面テープで貼付けています。

Here I like to introduce hand-made hoods for Konan-16 automat. The left plate has a circular hole, and the right has a rectangular shaped hole. They are made of black-colored acryl plate with thickness 3 mm and 5 mm, respectively. Both holes have inclined edges (tapered hole). The former can be equipped at the place for a filter. (The thickness of the original filter is exactly the same as 3 mm.) The latter with the rectangular hole is attached using a thin double sided tape. By using these hoods, leakage of light, namely uncontrolled reflection, described formerly can be eliminated effectively. The examples of good photos in this blog were all taken with these hoods.