Film cutter 2: 100円シュレッダー改造 フィルムカッター2012/09/28

一見、ダイソーに売っている100円シュレッダーですが、16mm フィルムカッターです。
This is apparently a very small shredder sold in 100 Yen shop, 1 dollar shop.
However, this is a 16 mm film cutter.
16 mm film cutter

If you check carefully the arrangement of circular cutting edges, you may notice the edges are located with approximately 16 mm separation. This is a modified shredder. You can insert 120-type film.
The modification is not so complicated. You need to remove unnecessary cutting edges, and adjust separation by putting pipes and washers.
かなり直線的に切れますし、暗室では、フィルムを差し込んで、ハンドルを回転するだけですから、作業は容易です。使用例が次の写真です。Konan-16 automatやKiev-30で問題なく使えました。
The operation in a darkroom is so simple, and you only need to insert a 120-type film and simply rotate the handle.  Before doing so, I recommend you to cut a 120-type film into two pieces of which length is approximately 40 cm.  From one 120-type film, you can get eight 16mm films, each of which includes 20 pictures. Then this is very economical.