16mm Film cutter: ローリングカッター改造フィルカッター2012/09/22

 Konan-16 automatやKiev-30には16mmフィルムが必要です。今も長巻の16mmフィルムは入手できるようですが、種類も限られていて、しかも長過ぎます。気軽に色んなフィルムを楽しむにはフィルムカッターが不可欠です。
 Before using 16 mm cameras such as Konan-16 automat, it is necessary to prepare 16 mm film.  However, nowadays it is rather difficult to find 16 mm films.  For professional use, there is still some product of 16 mm films, but the film type is very limited.  Then the most convenient way is cutting film by yourself.  For this purpose, we need  a film cutter. Here is an example of hand made film cutter for 16 mm film.  So-called rolling cutter shown in the photographs is available at a stationery shop. Adding a guide like in the photographs, it is easy to make a film cutter.  When you make it, I recommend you  longer metal guide to get straight edge. (This example seems rather short.)